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5 Steps to Structure your Presentation

By: Pilar Ortiz Video blog transcription More than one time we have focused on the most specific details of the content we are trying to communicate in our presentations. Many times we thoroughly prepare what we want to say and at the same time we picture the possible reactions our audiences might have. I want you to think in the [...] Read more
Vuélvete el maestro de escuchar.

Become the master of listening

Have you ever find it impossible to maintain a conversation with somebody who doesn’t stop talking about himself? Have you ever talked for a while with someone just to then realize he wasn’t really paying attention to what you were saying? Have you ever been excited about telling the world an anecdote from the trip you just took but the [...] Read more
Cómo conectar sin contagiar

Smile with your eyes

By: Pilar Ortiz Video blog transcription For the first time in more than a hundred years, humanity is facing an unprecedented crisis. Covid-19 pandemic has suddenly changed everyone’s reality in a heartbeat. We are far away from our loved ones; we are afraid, anxious and uneasy because of the great uncertainty we are facing. The human being is adaptive by [...] Read more
es hora

Es hora de tomar la desición

A veces te dices frases como “no puedo conectarme conmigo”, “no soy capaz de dejar mi mente en blanco”, “no puedo adelgazar”, “no puedo ganar dinero”. Piénsalo bien porque pasa más de lo que te imaginas. Si ese es tu caso recuerda que ese tipo de creencias limitantes no te ayudan. Esos patrones de pensamiento llevan nuestra mente a un espacio […]

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The Three Pillars

By: Pilar Ortiz Video blog transcription How many times have we seen that person who gets up and knows exactly what they’re doing, or is able to show that they have a clear message that is in sync with their body language, often making us wish we could do that. That desire to do so is what should allow us to […]

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The first step to face your fears

By: Pilar Ortiz Video blog transcription We do not want that fear to grow. What is fear for you? Think for a moment. What is it?  It’s just a feeling, it’s an emotion that dominates us physically. What do you feel when you are afraid? Maybe a strong anxiety and alertness produced by our nervous system, your mind goes blank, your […]

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