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The first step to face your fears

By: Pilar Ortiz

Video blog transcription

We do not want that fear to grow. What is fear for you? Think for a moment. What is it?  It’s just a feeling, it’s an emotion that dominates us physically. What do you feel when you are afraid? Maybe a strong anxiety and alertness produced by our nervous system, your mind goes blank, your hands sweat, your heart beats fast, muscles tense and your stomach closes. Doesn’t it?

Now, think for a second. What did you feel when you were excited or happy about something? You are going to receive a prize or a recognition tomorrow, and you know it’s going to be a great moment. How do you feel about it? You think that if you have to say some words that night, you will be really excited about it and what if your significant other, your family, your friends would want to celebrate it with you? Does it give you the same type of feeling? wouldn’t you agree? Even better, go back to your teenage years when you’re like, oh! my first love, where you started feeling butterflies in your stomach, sweat and your heart started pounding.

What is it about all those feelings? We begin to live with those fears and we turn them into emotions. We develop that incredible ability. So, the first step is to work with ourselves. We all breathe, correct? How many of you breathe consciously at least three times a day?

Okay, so we all breathe. Breathing is the first step to overcome that fear because it controls our nervous system. So, when we’re dealing with the ideas of: I can’t, I don’t t know and start comparing to others and asking ourselves if we are not good enough then hose fears will dominate what you do in your present. While we breathe consciously, we can feel calmer and better. And you can do it. Do this exercise: Stand up, Inhale, breathe deeply, exhale. Once again…

Immediately our heart rate slows down. That is why athletes practice it, but it is not enough by knowing, it is necessary to practice it. Did I say something fantastic here? Wouldn’t you agree? It’s easy, but we haven’t done it until now. We think we know it, but we don’t practice it. Keep the practice of setting up an alarm that reminds you to breathe. I use the alarm for many things and many of you here are my clients and you know that I do it to breath, to be in a positive mood. This will help us be in the present.

The first thing we really have to do when we are afraid, is to identify it, if we don’t then we will not be able to recognize it. Breathing helps us to pause for a moment and ask ourselves, am I afraid? yes. So, identify your fear first. Breathing allows you to do that. Take yourself a moment and say: I’m not afraid, I’m fine.

It is okay to feel fear. So, identifying fear helps and breathing will lead you to it.

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