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The Three Pillars

By: Pilar Ortiz

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How many times have we seen that person who gets up and knows exactly what they’re doing, or is able to show that they have a clear message that is in sync with their body language, often making us wish we could do that. That desire to do so is what should allow us to start.

To do this we must have positive and assertive thinking: Yes I can! I will do it! move away from those voices that tell you that you cannot. As owners of businesses, executives and professionals we must use the best tools available to persuade, communicate, and be understood; not only about our business but also on a personal level.

We need to have practical tools so that in our conversations or presentations we can send a clear idea of what we are looking for and get the expected results: Close deals!

The first thing is to make the decision. There are many things that we don’t do because of fear of failure, rejection or a fear to be successful. It’s important to understand that fear is something that we create and is something that we can conquer. It’s not a matter of winning, fear will always be there.

Throughout my journalism career I was afraid to speak in public because of fear. I wanted to work in a newspaper, but at that time my university professor said “what happens if they do not need interns in the newspaper? Then you have two options: you can do something about it or be frustrated forever.” You do not always get what you want. In my case, I got a job on television and never left the place.

This post is not about fear, but it is very important to know that everything happens for a reason. There will always be ups and downs and in those difficult situations we can always create new opportunities to grow, to learn and to align what we are and what we feel, and use it to benefit our lives.

I will share with you the three pillars on which I base my philosophy: mind, body language, structure of the message, and your voice, whether you are using a microphone, a videoconference or a PowerPoint, because in each case it will be different. We are going to have a few techniques; the internal pillar, the external pillar and the virtual pillar. We must make sure to align those three pillars, and understand that having a PowerPoint is just an aid.

There are people that have that charisma, some people are like magnets that you want to work with. They have followers and you admire them. These people often practice active listening, which helps them understand that not everything is about them, and that’s when people start to connect. Being an active listener is something that takes a lot of time to achieve, but it can help you in joining your message to your voice and body language.

This is something that I love very much, and for this reason I have created a movement in English and Spanish: Speak Easy System and Proyecto Comunicarte. These programs are designed to create leaders and help to communicate with confidence an adequate method to be able to close sales or get the results you need.

The way I developed these programs was using the three pillars and the goal is to give priority to the communication of the message. We are all experts, we have all been successful, we know what to say; this is where people focus their attention but that is not where the problem is. Have you ever worked until three in the morning on your PowerPoint presentation? How many times have you practiced it aloud? or reviewed your body language in front of a mirror? Have you done this once, twice or even three times? Most of the time we concentrate in what we know but not in how to communicate it.

My promise is to share at least seven tactics in the following blogs that will allow you to start being successful immediately.

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