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From being a news anchor for Univision in Tampa, I moved to lead my own communications company and get to be a renown bilingual speaker in the United States and Latin America.

“Achieving results, converting conversations into actions and generating trust at the moment of transforming lives in positive ways with every person that I interact with during my conferences, workshops or individual coaching sessions are my drivers in life. From day one, participants have new practical tools and also get to know how they are improving by feeling more confident in their roles as experts or leaders.”

International speaker/orator member of the US National Speakers Association with wide experience in the United States, Colombia and Puerto Rico. She is also a consultant specialized in Seminars, Workshops and Individual Courses utilizing an interactive method in which each individual develops their own communication skills in a natural way.

Communicate Project

High Impact Topics and Programs

The most common topics when Pilar gives group talks or training are in:  Leadership, Communications, Television, Personal Presentation, Business Etiquette, Empowerment and Motivational Services.


  • Executive Presence
  • How to convert conversations into sales
  • Effective Communication
  • Media Training
  • How to create videos?
  • Motivational and Empowerment talks.


Additionally, to the on-site seminars and workshops, Pilar offers virtual programs because she believes in the need of motivating and reaching out to leaders around the world, so they can also feel empowered, get to be better communicators, improve self-esteem and be able to achieve their goals. Pilar trains all types of people (Professionals, Executives, Students, Businessman, Entrepreneurs) in the art of effective communication, may that be between colleagues, clients, employees, in front of an audience or a TV Camera (Products)

Coach and Speaker

Sharing everything she knows is her secret.  At the end of the study (seminar or workshop) the participant has the basic tools to apply in their work-life as well as their personal life all the technics learned.

The best leaders in the world are differentiated from good professionals due to their capacity to communicate effectively.  Pilar Ortiz Enterprises offers consultant and advise services for the private and governmental sectors, for the Media, Community organizations, educational institutions, Non-profit organizations and individuals who want to progress.

Hispanic Woman of the Year

In 2014 Hispanic Heritage Committee of Tampa, Inc. announced the election of Maria del Pilar Ortiz as the Hispanic Woman, one of the most recognized awards in Florida for Latino immigrants of any nationality.

This recognition which is held annually is given to those people who have distinguished extraordinarily in their work and have made significant contributions in maintaining and celebrating our Hispanic heritage and to the improvements on the communities’ quality of life in the United States.